shirleyjason: Blizzard said the VR consideration when the World of Warcraft Edition
There is no doubt, "VR virtual reality" has now become one of the most popular vocabulary. WOW gold, Now includes Sony, Facebook, HTC / Valve, Google and Samsung, including technology giants are already entered in the field. But now the game industry giant Blizzard said that Blizzard is not yet ready to carry out this aspect of application technology.

VR version of World of Warcraft Blizzard said that when considering
According to well-known media VentureBeat reports indicate, senior vice president of Blizzard's Chris Mason (Chris Metzen) revealed that this company no plans to develop VR virtual reality game, he said: "Everyone is talking about virtual reality technology, cheap WOW gold,wearing funny virtual reality helmet. we are interested in, but also a close eye on this technology. Does it make "World of Warcraft" up and running better play? it certainly should be our next research direction. "

He added: "We will still maintain the sidelines while other mining companies may be more attempts, and get some results I do not think Blizzard is well prepared in all areas to accomplish something..."

While in contrast, the field of mobile development is the end of the Blizzard most concerned about now.Now "Hearthstone legend" Blizzard is the only mobile game end, in the future it will introduce more mobile games. Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Merle Heim (Mike Morhaime) also said: "I think at the end of the move, in addition to casual games but still there is a huge opportunity we are still unable to determine what type it will be. game."
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